Job Opportunities : Executive Director

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Job Opportunities : Executive Director


POSITION:     Executive Director



 Friends for Mental Health (FMH), located in Montréal’s West Island, is a not-for profit, bilingual organization offering families new paths for learning to live with mental illness. FHM was started in 1981 as a reaction to the lack of support for families of the mentally ill. It was began as a self-help group for relatives and friends of the mentally ill. Since 1990, FMH has received funds from Centraide, Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux and similar organizations. This is in addition to fundraising from individual donors, corporate sponsorship and events.  FMH offers its over 800 clients a variety of services including counselling, training, support groups, a quarterly publication “Family Matters”, a youth section and art therapy. In addition, FMH works in close collaboration with other professional mental healthcare providers.



 Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is responsible for the leadership, management, clinical services and community awareness of Friends for Mental Health. The Executive Director represents FMH with the public at large, partner organizations and donors.

The Executive Director will ensure the continued sustainability of the organization, as a strong, pro-active and goal-directed community resource through responsible and efficient management of limited resources, outreach, fundraising and profile enhancement. As well, the Executive Director will maintain strategic links with community partners (such as MSSS, CIUSSS, mental health associations etc), collaborate with other health care organizations, ensure continued partnership with its stakeholders and help diminish the societal stigma of mental health.



 The Executive Director is responsible for:

Orientation and Planning: Annual action plan and strategies to manage program growth, funding and sustainability.

Clinical Services Oversight: Supervise clinical services in accordance with the Mission of FMH and changes to clinical services to meet client needs.

Organization and Policies Management: Ensure internal systems support evolving needs of FMH’s stakeholders (e.g. current and former clients, community partners, other mental health organizations, corporate sponsors etc), are high quality and support FMH’s Annual Plan.

External Relationships: Strengthen links to FMH’s stakeholders, enhance FMH’s profile, provide effective communication strategies, collaborate with other organisations, develop relationships with community partners, assist with key strategic partnerships and update partnership agreements.

Financial Management & Reporting: Develop budget, effective financing of the organisation and all fundraising activities (including grants and subsidies).

Management of Human Resources: Hire all regular and temporary staff, supervise their tasks, evaluate their performance and ensure their continuous improvement.



The successful candidate will have a university degree and/or a recognised professional qualification (e.g. management, health sciences or related field). They must demonstrate at least 5 years experience in a health-related not-for-profit organization with at least 3 years at a leadership level. A solid understanding of the Health and Social services in Quebec, with experience of program development and monitoring is required. Knowledge of current and emerging health care issues is essential with a local perspective being ideal. Experience working with boards, committees and volunteers managing and directing major initiatives is desired.

Candidates must have superior interpersonal skills and be able to liaise effectively with a broad range of stakeholders. They must demonstrate strong leadership and management skills along with excellent planning and networking skills. It is important to be results oriented and to have strong ethics. Very good French and English (reading, writing and verbal) is required.



FMH’s Mission is to guide friends, families and loved ones towards new paths in learning to live with mental illness.

By listening and counselling, providing information and referrals, offering self-help and respite, along with increasing public awareness, FMH offers a unique and valuable resource to the loved ones of people with mental illness. This support diminishes the feelings of isolation, fear and despair often experienced when dealing with mental illness. FMH, through community participation and informed communication, helps to reduce the stigma around mental health.

“Our families often tell us that they would be lost without the support of our counselors.”

FMH is an active not-for-profit organization with a small, dedicated and talented team providing high quality services in an environment of trust and professionalism. Innovation and creativity are encouraged by the Board of Directors consisting of ten members most of whom have a family member with a mental illness.

The culture at FMH puts the client first, through communication, collaboration, teamwork and caring.  FMH is continually evolving and growing. The future is exciting for FMH as it creates new courses, reaches out to diverse populations and increases its digital footprint.

“Our clients are wonderful and remind us each day that we are appreciated in our job.”


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