Friends for Mental Health (West Island) 514-636-6885 counseling for caregivers only [E/F]
Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada 1-888-223-2252 information and various online resource for anxiety disorders [E/F]
Association/Troubles Anxieux du Quebec 514-251-0083 Information, support groups [F]
Emotional Health CBT Clinic 514-485-7772 affordable individual CBT for depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. [E/F]
Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments website information centre, resources[E]
Clinique d’Anxieté de Montreal 514-769-1117 CBT-based therapy for anxiety; sliding scale [E/F]
La Cle des Champs 514-334-1587 education, resources, multiple support groups [E/F]
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario 1-866-363-6663 support groups, information, education [E]
Mood Disorders Society of Canada 519-824-5565 info centre, advocacy, consumers & family support, education, referrals[E/F]
MUHC Anxiety Disorders Clinic 514-934-1934 x31794 to be followed by a psychiatrist at the MUHC, 2 month wait [E/F] (ref. needed)
The Panic Center 866-257-9626 interactive website, online support group, interactive online CBT course [E]
Phobies-Zéro (phobias) 514-276-3105 help-line, education, resources, support groups [F]
Revivre 514-738-4873 help-line, education, resources, support groups, counseling [E/F]