Schizophrenia: Road to Recovery

Schizophrenia: Road to Recovery ($20 for materials) 

• Greater understanding in order to better respond and prevent!
• Being better equipped to better support

This 11 week psychoeducational program on schizophrenia is specially adapted for families and responds to their current needs. This program allows for families to develop their adaptive skills so they can cope with the disease and possible crises caused by the acute phases of the illness.

Workshop outline
1. What is Schizophrenia – An Introduction
2. Causes of Schizophrenia
3. Dual Diagnosis
4. Main Treatments of Schizophrenia
5. Navigating the Mental Health System
6. How Families are Affected
7. Development of Skills & Attitudes (part 1) – Relashionships /Communication
8. Development of Skills & Attitudes (part 2) – Crisis Intervention
9. Helping your Loved One – Warning Signs and Relapse
10. Law & Finances
11. Recovery & Advocacy

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