Psychosocial Intervention (counseling)

image: consultation roomCounseling
The main objective of the counseling is to provide counseling to families and friends having a loved one affected by a mental illness. We offer short to mid-term follow-up to families, couples, and individuals (both adults and children), who are helping a person with mental illness. A team of counselors provides services required to meet specific needs of families and their situations. In order to minimize the stress and disorganization resulting from the illness of a loved one, our interventions are proactive. We are aiming for a change or resolution of crisis situations. We work at establishing and preserving emotional stability in families and promoting maximum autonomy of all members, including the ill person. Our services are particularly helpful during difficult periods such as a first psychotic episode, relapse, family crisis, or in the case of a long lasting stagnant situation. The ill person can be invited to participate in the family meetings as long as it does not interfere with the main treatment of that person, or the support provided to the caregivers.



image: telephone assistanceTelephone Assistance
Our telephone assistance allows relatives to share their concerns and difficulties, to have rapid access to support without the need to come to our office.