Measures of Respite

Art therapy

Caregivers will explore the difficulties related to mental illness as well as their thoughts and feelings and how to better cope by using their inner strengths. Sharing with others and being in a supportive environment will allow them to find new strategies and to break their isolation. Participants are invited to experiment with a variety of art materials within an offered theme of the workshop. In a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere of sharing, you will have the opportunity to take part in art activities such as drawing, painting, collage and print making as well as to learn simple relaxation and breathing techniques. The workshop will enable participants to learn new ways of self expression and self-understanding. Creative expression will act as a method of stimulating dialogue. The experiential part is followed with a discussion between the members. Participants do not require any artistic skills or experience.

Community Life These activities aim at the involvement of the members in the mind of the group.

FFAPAMM Congress

As members of Friends for Mental Health, you are invited to attend the annual convention of the FFAPAMM. Details on website: