Youth Section

Activities meeting the needs of young people (7-17 years) relatives of a person with a mental illness (father, mother, siblings, etc.).

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Anna Workshop

Friends for Mental Health offers workshops for children (7-12 years old) who have a parent or family member with a mental illness entitled, “Les Ateliers Anna”. The objectives of these workshops are to bring together children that are living similar experiences while encouraging sharing and self-help, imparting information regarding mental illness and related issues. Also it will equip the children so that they will be better able to deal with their unique situation and become more resilient while increasing each child’s self-esteem through the discovery and expression of their own strengths and interests.
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Young Friends (6-17 years old)

Current statistics tell us that approximately 20-25% of Canadian children have a parent or sibling with Mental illness. Often children who live with a parent or a sibling that suffers from mental illness experience difficulties such as: increased risk for developing mental illness themselves, difficulty regulating and expressing emotions, difficulty functioning in school as well as social isolation due to fear of discussing their family life with peers.

Our child intervention program aims at not only supporting these children in their development of appropriate emotional expression and coping tools, building positive self-esteem and relationships with others, but also at understanding the mental illness of their parent.  We use psycho-education to build understanding, awareness and to develop tools as well as art and play therapy to learn how to better express and cope with difficult emotions.

Regular individual and family sessions are available for these children on an on-going basis and as needed.

Group Sessions are facilitated once per month for peer support, tool maintenance, and respite.