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Friends for Mental Health Award

We offer this award to a member or a volunteer of Friends for Mental Health who has contributed greatly to the mission of our organization.

Françoise Vien Award

The award is in honor of Françoise Vien, one of our founders, an amazing woman who contributed so much to the development of several mental health organizations in the West Island, including: Friends for Mental Health, Community Perspective in Mental Health, Services Intervention Psycho-Sociale now called the West-Island Crisis Centre, The Federation of Families and Friends of the People with Mental Illness (FFAPAMM) now called Le Réseau avant de craquer and Équipe Entreprise. In addition, she was involved as a volunteer and Board Member on several other important committees and community organizations on local, regional and national levels.

Criteria for Françoise Vien Award

  • Being involved in the decision-making process of the delivery of services in the field of mental health, i.e. being on a committee, doing strategic planning, etc.
  • Consistently supporting the needs of families
  • Providing innovative and creative ways to reach out and provide help and services to families in need
  • Constantly promoting Friends for Mental Health’s variety of services
  • Having openness, flexibility, and responsiveness to the needs of families