Counseling Sessions

Counseling helps to establish and preserve the emotional and psychosocial balance of the family and promote greater stability and autonomy for the individual who has a mental health disorder. This allows families to deal with their situation in a healthy way and overcome the disorganization that results from a lifestyle centered around the mental health disorder of a loved one.

We offer both individual counseling and group counseling in order to help support the family members, friends and/or caregivers of someone with a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness or mental health disorder. We offer short to mid-term follow-up for families, couples and individuals who are helping or caring for an individual who has a mental health disorder. Our counselors adapt their counseling sessions to the unique needs and situations of every individual; whether they be an adult, a youth or a child.


Phone/Zoom Support

We offer phone and Zoom support for friends, family members and/or caregivers. This provides individuals the opportunity to still receive counseling without coming to our office. All meetings must be scheduled with a counselor ahead of time.

Loi 8

Court Order

Requesting a Psychiatric Evaluation through a court order is a legal process available to everyone in the province of Quebec. The principal goal of a court order is to act as a preventative measure. It ensures that an individual receives an evaluation by trained professionals who can assess the level of danger of a given situation. A court order is invoked to help an individual who may be struggling with a mental illness or is in an acute crisis, and who is an imminent threat to themselves or others. A psychiatric evaluation can also be the first step in receiving long-term treatment and/or a diagnosis. The decision to invoke a court order should not be taken lightly. The use of a court order for a psychiatric evaluation fundamentally removes an individual’s right to consent to treatment. It is only used when no other form of treatment or services can be provided in a timely manner to reduce the level of danger for the individual in need. The use of a court order can be a trying and difficult procedure for both the family and the individual being evaluated. It is important to talk to a trained professional beforehand about the use of the order and how that may affect the family system before and after the events. The key factor in the use of a court order is the imminence of danger. With the help of a counselor at Friends for Mental Health, we will help you determine the level of severity of the situation in regards to the individual requiring the evaluation. A counselor will thoroughly explain the procedures and steps to be taken to help you work through this procedure and talk to you about the ways in which this may or may not be beneficial in your case. A court order mandates that an individual receives a psychiatric evaluation over a 24-48 hour period by two psychiatrists at a psychiatric facility or hospital. During this period, the individual will be observed, most likely diagnosed (although not always), and assessed for their level of safety to return home after that period of time. If the attending psychiatrists do not feel that the individual is safe to go home or needs further observation, they will attempt a court order through the legal team at the hospital to extend the individual’s stay, for their safety. Follow-up services will be provided for the individual, if the treatment team feels that they are needed or appropriate. After reading this, if you feel that you would like to inquire more about the preparation of a court order or would like to consult a counselor about an individual close to you, please contact Friends for Mental Health at 514-636-6885. If you feel that a loved one, family member, or someone close to you is in immediate danger, do not hesitate to contact the police at 9-1-1, or the closest Crisis Center to you.