Schizophrenia: A Road to Recovery


Schizophrenia: Road to Recovery ($30 for materials) Greater understanding in order to better respond and prevent! Being better equipped to better support This 11 week psychoeducational program on schizophrenia is specially adapted for families and responds to their current needs. This program allows for families to develop their adaptive skills so they can cope with the disease and possible crises caused by the acute phases of the illness. […]

NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program (in English)


Cours famille-à-famille de NAMI Le cours famille-à-famille de NAMI est un cours de 12 semaines qui s’adresse aux membres d’une famille qui ont un proche atteint d’un trouble de santé mentale. Le cours est transmis par des pairs aidants bénévoles (personne qui a aussi un proche atteint d’un trouble de santé mental) et a reçu […]

Bipolar Disorder: What Is It And How To Better Manage It


Bipolar Disorder: What Is It And How To Better Manage It ($20 for materials) This 5 week psychoeducational program on Bipolar Disorder has been designed to help family members with a loved one suffering from Bipolar Disorder. Each class includes theory, exercises and participation. Workshop outline […]

Borderline Personality Disorder Training


Borderline Personality Disorder Training ($30 for materials) This 10 week psychoeducational program was designed by Hélène Busque, psychologist and author. It aims to inform loved ones about the manifestations and particular issues of Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as […]

Anxiety workshop

This 6 week psychoeducational presents the main anxiety disorders, their origins and development as well as possible therapeutic approaches. It also offers tools to live with a person facing anxiety. Registration mandatory […]

Motivational Strategies Towards Treatment


Motivational Strategies Towards Treatment This 5-session workshop to help family members learn new sets of communication and problem-solving skills that are geared to improving their loved one’s adherence to medical treatment. Using a mix of education […]

Mindfulness Workshop


This new workshop offers techniques to reduce stress and anxiety based on a mindfulness approach which allows participant to connect with the present moment. During this 6 week process, caregivers will learn how to eliminate stress, work with their fears and accept what they cannot change. […]

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