Creative Expression Group

Creative Expression Group  Because it can be difficult to find time for ourselves when we have a loved one living with a mental health issue, especially with the circumstances we are currently living in, Friends for Mental Health invites you to join our Creative Expression Group at a distance.    This creative  group aims to offer […]

Art Therapy

The art therapy group offers a safe space in which you can be heard and supported. Art therapy is a respite activity in which you can freely express your thoughts and feelings in images as well as words. It can also foster your creativity, which is essential when it comes to achieving positive change; whether […]

Mindfulness and Movement

Mindfulness and Movement This respite activity helps caregivers reduce their stress through grounded body expression and increased consciousness of tensions in the body and in the mind. To view the dates that this activity is being offered, please consult our online calendar. To register, please send an email to or call us at 514-636-6885.

Other Respite Activities

We offer many respite activities, including: Christmas supper Movie nights Other social and creative activities To view the dates that our respite activities are being offered, please consult our online calendar.